Precision Casting

Precision casting is a specialized casting technique used to cast complicated shapes and objects where the margin of error is almost nil. The most common method of precision casting is called Investment or Lost Wax Casting. This method is used in metal casting that consists of making a wax model, coating it with a refractory to form a mold, heating until the wax melts and runs out of the mold, and then pouring metal into the vacant mold. The refractory minerals are an essential material used in the vacant mold building process. The vacant mold was built with a variety of fused materials in order to allow it to withstand exposure to very high temperatures throughout the firing and pouring process. Once the ceramic shell has been broken away, the metal part is revealed and in many instances needs to be polished or finished with an abrasive material. The precision casting method is used to cast shapes that would be impossible to achieve using the conventional die-casting.


Machine parts
Medical devices
Pipe fittings
Complex shapes
Scientific instrumentation
Engine blades
Prosthetic parts