Coated Abrasives

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A coated abrasive is an abrasive grain bonded to a flexible substrate (ie. cloth, fiber, paper or polyester film) using adhesives. The coated abrasive grains are used to make coated abrasives products like sanding paper and are available in sheets, discs, belts, pads, rolls, flap wheels and other forms. The high hardness of the abrasive grain and its angular sharp edges constantly exposes new edges to the work piece, making the coated abrasive excellent at sanding, polishing, finishing and taking off rough edges. Our coated abrasive grains are designed to perform the best for various grinding applications and working conditions by its specialized and controlled shapes, sizes and bulk densities.

Range of Products


Brown Fused Alumina

White Fused Alumina

Silicon Carbide

Semi Friable Alumina

Sintered Alumina

Alumina Zirconia