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Prodcut Name:Sub-white Fused Alumina

Product Description

Sub-white Fused Alumina (Aluminum Oxide) is produced on the basis of high quality brown fused alumina, which chemical composition and physical properties are very close to White Fused Alumina, hence it is also named as sub-white fused alumina. As its hardness similar with white fused alumina, and also with the good toughness like BFA, it is ideal refractory and abrasive material and has been widely used as the substitute of White Fused Alumina.

Sub-white Fused Alumina could be used to manufacture variety of shaped refractory material products, corundum castable refractory, and other monolithic bulk refractory and caustic-burned corundum refractory products.

Chemical Composition Magnetic Material
Al2O3 Fe2O3 TiO2 SiO2 Total Carbon
97.5 % Min 0.3% Max 1.0% Max 0.8% Max 1.0% Max 0.00%

Grain Size Range:

0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm

-200 Mesh

-325 Mesh