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Prodcut Name:White Fused Alumina H-WAR-99

Product Description

H-WAR-99 is a white, fused alumina refractory grain made from high purity Bayer process alumina. Raw materials and furnacing practices are carefully controlled to ensure the highest purity and optimum crystal structure. It is crushed in such a manner to produce blocky grain distributions with a higher bulk density.
This kind of White Fused Alumina grains are used as raw materials in dense refractory products requiring high purity at elevated temperatures.

Chemical Composition Magnetic Material Specific Density
Al2O3 Fe2O3 Na2O
99.37% 0.06% 0.35% 0.00% 3.88g/cm3

Grain size range:
-8/+16 mesh
-16/+30 mesh
-30/+60 mesh
-100 mesh
-200 mesh
-325 mesh