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Prodcut Name:Fused Silica

Product Description

Fused Silica is a high purity synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide. It is a noncrystalline, colorless material has excellent chemical stability, and has extremely low electrical conductivity. Fused Silica is an excellent raw material for use in investment casting, refractories, foundries, technical ceramics and other applications that require a consistent, high purity product with very low thermal expansion.

Fused Silica Properties
Near zero thermal expansion
Exceptionally good thermal shock resistance
Very good chemical inertness
Can be lapped and polished to fine finishes
Low dielectric constant
Low dielectric loss
Good UV transparency

Grade SiO2 Fe (Ppm) Ca (Ppm) K (Ppm) Na (Ppm)
High Grade 99.95% Min 30    1    20    20   
A Grade 99.90% Min 30    10    25    30   

Grain Size Available

40-10mesh, 60-20mesh