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Prodcut Name:Black Fused Alumina

Product Description

Black fused alumina is also known as low aluminum corundum, which is melted in electric arc furnaces by adopting the bauxite as its raw material. It has characteristics of moderate hardness, high toughness, high temperature resistance, and stable thermal stability. Black fused alumina is suitable for lapping, polishing and sandblasting of stainless steel and fabricated metal products. Further, it's used to make anti-slip material.

  Chemical Composition
Al2O3 Fe2O3 TiO2 SiO2
77.82% 5.04% 1.80% 11.00%

Available Grit Size: F8-F800

Particle Size Distribution (PSD) according to ISO, ANSI, FEPA and JIS.

Physical properties
Color: Black
Crystal: Trigonal system
Hardness (Mohs): ≥ 9.0
Melting Point (℃): 2050
The maximum temperature (℃): 1850
True Density (g/cm3): ≥ 3.50
Linear expansion coefficient (0-1600℃): 7-9

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